Converting Your Bath: Things to Consider

Bathtub shower conversion pittsburgh

Are you ready to take the next step in turning your old tub into a gorgeous shower? The bathtub to shower conversion in Pittsburgh is a financial commitment, but it can save both water and energy! Showers tend to use 17 gallons of water compared to the 50 gallons bathtubs use. Converting your bathtub into a shower is less than building a shower from scratch, so let’s get to it. Home ReStylers hopes to be your first call for your bathtub to shower conversion in Pittsburgh! Here’s some information Home ReStylers wants you to keep in mind when considering the cost of converting your bath.


Keep a Tub

You will want to make sure you aren’t converting your only bathtub into a shower. This would limit the marketability of your home. Even if you only use the tub for washings of household items, you’ll want to make sure you keep one tub in the house.

Avoid Windows

Make sure you aren’t converting or building your new shower by a window. Beyond the obvious reasons, there is the possibility that water may seep into the walls causing mold and additional house damage.

The Right Size

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends 36-inches-by-36 inches as the ideal shower size. This often means modifying the existing alcove to ensure 36 inches is met on all sides.

Shower Floor

When converting your bathtub to a shower, you will need to focus on the shower floor and decide if you want it to be curbed or without curbs. Curbs corral the water.
With Curbs: Curbs act as an enclosure to contain the water and funnel it towards the drain by providing the proper pitch to drain the water. They are easier and cheaper.
Curbless Showers: This type of floor is certainly fashionable, but it’s tricky. With this type of shower floor, you either have to lower the shower pan or raise the surrounding floor.

Check First to Save Later

Take a look at the framing and/or subfloor for mold, mildew, or rot to repair as necessary. Check the condition of the existing pipes and replace them if need be. Lastly, this may be the time to convert your shower valve to a single handle that balances temperatures and pressure.
For more information on your bathtub to shower conversion in Pittsburgh, get in touch with Home ReStylers in Pittsburgh for your next remodeling project. Home ReStylers partners experience with creativity and commitment to customer service to successfully serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Call Home ReStylers at 412-235-5000 or shoot them an email at The All-American company is here to assist you on your bathtub to shower conversion in Pittsburgh!

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