Cost-Effective Bathroom Remodel: The Wet Area

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Home improvement projects can certainly be daunting. Before you tackle your next project, make sure you know your options. Large, complex projects are not always worth the time, money, and hassle they demand. Sometimes, smaller projects that address the problem areas are more effective.

Bathroom renovations improve your home and boost its value. It’s been found that the highest satisfaction rates are associated with smaller projects that focus on the wet area rather than a full remodel. All it could take is a shower conversion in your Pittsburgh home for a new and improved bathroom!

The Wet Area

The wet area is typically the focal point of your bathroom’s biggest issues. The shower, bathtub, walls, and the floor around the wet area is where water damage shows up. It gets harder to clean with the passing of time and is the reason bathrooms get smelly, unattractive, and non-functional.

No fear! As time has progressed, wet area products have gotten more advanced. Now, they repel bacteria which prevents mold. Waterproof materials are easier to clean.

Evaluating Your Bathroom

Before tackling a bathroom improvement project, think about what you aren’t happy with. If it’s the size, layout, or design/décor, you might need a full remodel.

If it’s a smell, peeling paint, or stained tub, a wet area remodel may be what you are after. It’s an easy and effective solution! You can focus on one or two elements at a time. By doing this, you’re enhancing the area for optimal accessibility and functionality!

When starting a remodel in any capacity, make sure to look for signs of structural damage around the tub or shower as this could lead to more serious problems.

Wet Area Remodel Options

Shower Replacement

A shower conversion or replacement can improve the overall appearance of your bathroom. This option is recommended for ugly or stained showers with fogged glass, dirty tiles, scrummy floors, or ugly fixtures.

Bathtub Replacement

Similar to a shower replacement, this can help improve your bathroom without the hassle of a full renovation. Remember your bathtub should be clean and sparkling, not stained and moldy!

Bath Conversion

This simple and affordable option improves the layout and functionality of your bathroom by converting a bath to a shower or a shower to a bath. A tub to shower conversion is most popular as it maximizes space.

Walk-in Shower or Tub

Perfect for combatting mobility issues, this option is both safe and easy. Walk-in tubs are an excellent choice if you or a loved one has slipped in the past, or has a hard time getting in and out of the bathtub.

A wet area remodel makes remodeling easier, faster, and more affordable! For more information on a shower conversion in Pittsburgh get in touch with Home ReStylers in Pittsburgh for your next remodeling project. Home ReStylers partners experience with creativity and commitment to customer service to successfully serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Call Home ReStylers at 412-235-5000 or contact us on the website! The All-American company is here to assist you on your bathtub to shower conversion in Pittsburgh!

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